Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing

The complete payroll processing service your company needs to succeed! Let us take on the complexity of handling your payroll processing, calculating your company’s pay and deduction items with precision, paying each employee with direct deposit or check, and managing tax deposits and form filing with all necessary government agencies.

Online Platform and Employee Access Portal

You will have complete access to your company’s payroll information at the tips of your fingers. Our easy-to-use platform provides instant access to all reports, copies of filed forms, employee information, and more. Plus each employee will have their own instant access to their pay stubs and W2s.

W2 and 1099

Filing and distributing your forms W-2 and 1099 has never been easier! By letting us handle your year-end forms, you will be provided peace of mind and more time to focus on your business. Plus, each employee will be provided access to their own W-2, online!

Free Intial Consultation

If you are a new company or beginning payroll for the first time, we can provide your business a free initial consultation to establish the most effective payroll schedule, design your payroll items, and create an overall foundation in payroll to help you succeed!

Free Online Portal

We provide you complete access to your own company access portal with custom timesheet, FREE! Download your reports, add or update employee information, secure file upload service, plus your own timesheet which we setup specific to your business to make entering and submitting payroll simple and easy.

Free Payroll Setup

When you make the decision to process with Cailean Payroll, LLC, your company will receive the entire setup process with zero setup fees. We are confident in our service and we know our business is built on your success

Full service Payroll

Full Service Payroll means more than just writing an employee a paycheck. We will handle each individual pay item and deduction, manage calculating payroll tax each pay period, issue direct deposit and checks to all employees, make timely tax deposits and ensure payroll tax forms are completed and filed on-time, every time.

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