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Arizona Payroll Processing and HR Management

Cailean Payroll is part of Cailean Group Business Services.

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For the last fifteen years, Cailean Group Business Services has helped small businesses in Arizona and around the country.

We provide a variety of business services: incorporating, accounting, payroll, tax preparation, marketing & training for small businesses in a variety of industries.

When you choose to process your payroll with Cailean Payroll, you will receive the highest quality service, the best price to value and access to our resources and our experienced team of professionals. Our payroll processing is done locally in Peoria, Arizona.

We offer a FREE consultation with a payroll specialist to determine what kind of processing is most efficient and effective for you. We provide a complete payroll processing package where we ensure your company's payroll needs are met, from start to finish. Our payroll platform is one of the most simple and easy to use in the industry.


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Because we are part of a Business Service Group, if you sign up with us, we will have the choice of any one of the following services, at no cost to you;

  • QuickBooks File Setup ($300 value)
  • Website one page setup ($500 value)
  • LLC/Corporation Kit Setup ($300 value)
  • $600 OFF Business tax return ($600 value)

Payroll Processing - Full service

As an Arizona company ourselves, we understand and specialize in the payroll processing needs of your Arizona company. Payroll is a complex process to manage and if you need prompt answers with a fast and reliable support, Cailean Payroll is the right partner for your business.

You can visit our office any time and our Payroll Managers will answer to you directly.

We provide a complete Arizona Payroll Service: payroll processing, tax payments, tax forms and more.

W2 and 1099 Processing

We complete, prepare, file and distribute your year-end forms: W2 and 1099. Forms W2 report wage and salary information for all employees must be sent no later than January 31st following the close of the tax year. to all the employees and filed with the Social Security Administration as required by IRS. Forms 1099 report payments made in the case of a trade or business to a person which is not an employee and must be sent to the contractor and filed with Social Security Administration. You will have peace of mind knowing your end-end filing and distribution will be handled so you can focus on your business.

Human Resources Management

Cailean Payroll partners up with reliable companies to provide your company with HR services.

We can protect your business with Workers Comp that will give the option of paying your premium based on actual payroll instead of last years headcounts, improving your cash-flow (no down payment and no surprises at the end of the year).

We can provide you with HR forms, HR posters for Arizona and many more other services!

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Why Cailean Payroll, LLC

Cailean Payroll is part of Cailean Group Business Services, a group of companies created to serve small and medium businesses in Arizona. We provide multiple services: taxes, accounting, incorporation, payroll, human resources, marketing and business consulting.
We are local, with offices in Peoria and giving you a huge competitive advantage for your business: you can meet face to face our payroll managers, discuss with them options and solve any issues that can occur.
Our multidisciplinary team can offer a range of services that can really help you grow your business.